Mahahual (also spelled Majahual), a beautiful little Mexican coastal town.

A part of us says to keep this place a secret, but to do so would be a crime !

Mahahual is to be experienced as a place you could say you visited back before it became a huge tourist resort.

After a 3 and a half hour drive south from Cancun International Airport,  the jungle gives way to this little fishing town where the inhabitants are friendly and laid back. 

You may stay at the Arenas or at the Matan Ka'an Hotels, the rooms are large, clean, and comfortable.  

The reefs are just off the shore and teaming with coral and fish.  There a variety of small clean restaurants offering international and mexican chioces.

If you have the chance to go, GO!  You will not regret it as it will be the next Cancun or Playa del Carmen in 10 years from now...

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We are able to book you in to any hotel in Mahahual, however we do have our favorites :


"Almaplena Beach Resort... authentic, natural, Mexican charm"


This is one of the Mexico’s hidden gems, a true oasis of calm where the day can be begin with a walk and finish with a romantic dinner on the terrace of our beachfront restaurant.

Just a few steps beyond the beach there is a a spectacular coral reef... the lapis-blue
Caribbean stretches toward the horizon. Imagine spending days of rest in one of the
beach front rooms, to walk along the beach, to relax on a hammock, to explore

Almaplena, with its eight romantic suites in a landscape of over 107.639 ft2
(10.000 square meters) it is merged with the elements of nature, the sun, the sky,
the moon and the stars, the sea with its sounds and its breeze.

The architecture, lovingly studied, in Rustic-Chic style inspired by the Mexican
classic, it uses materials carefully sought after in the whole of Mexico: the textile from
Chiapas, the copper and the mats from Michoacan, the wood from Yucatan, the iron from

The Beach Club offers straw umbrellas, beach showers, lounge chairs, beach cushions and lounge areas, dressing rooms and restrooms directly on the beach.
Right in front of the resort there is an excellent site for snorkeling and diving along the Costa Maya Mesoamerican reef, the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.

Almaplena Eco Resort & Beach Club, is contributing to the maintenance and the guardianship of the biodiversity.
The design of buildings and rooms uses the shade of the sun and the breeze of the sea to refresh the ambience; rain water is collected for daily use, for cooking and drinking we provide bottled water, our wind turbine produces clean electrical energy.
The sojourn in our Resort means to actively participate in the maintenance of the environment and to guarantee your children the same experiences.