B A N C O    C H I N C H O R R O

BEAUTIFUL BLACKTIP SHARK (photo by Humberto Bahena)

Banco Chinchorro is part part of the second largest barrier reef in the world, which runs from the coast of Honduras and Belize and ends at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.


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This fantastic site is located between 18 ° 47 'and 18 ° 23' north latitude and 87 ° 14 'and 87 ° 27' west longitude. It is separated from the coast of Quintana Roo approximately 24 kilometers on land and populations that are located in front of this site are Xcalak, Mahahual and The Uvero.

For many years, this reef has been of great curiosity among divers and scientists. A resting place for umerous shipwrecks, of very different ages from Spanish Galeons to more modern steamships. No reef areas are disturbed by any human activities, reef areas also show growth in a very particular fashion, with huge corals, sponges, etc.

We take our guests on day and overnight trips to the atoll. The day trip is usually 2 o 3 dives with a surface interval con the maine caye, where we visit the lagoon to admire the large salt water croodiles and walk around the island after a snack and drinks. For the overnight trip we do all of the above plus 1 night dive and 2 dives the next day before heading back to Mahahual.